You are so Undead to Me

You are so Undead to Meby Stacey Jay

Megan Berry is a Zombie Settler, a talent/profession she inherited from her mother and a long line of settling ancestors.  The thing is that Megan has not been an active settler for five years, not since she was horribly attacked by some reanimated corpses, zombies who did not rise on their own but were summoned.  Now, on the night of her first date with cute, popular, senior Josh, a zombie shows up on her porch looking for some peace in the after-life.  Megan is not so happy that her powers have suddenly decided to reactivate, and at such an inconvenient time, too!  How will she ever get on with her normal life as a high school sophomore?  She just wants to make pom squad with her best friend Jess and have Josh ask her to homecoming, is that so much to ask?  Apparently it is, because not only have her powers return, to full, super strength, but someone is practicing black magic and reanimating corpses.  Now, not only are the regular zombies looking for Megan but the scary, blood-thirsty ones are after her too!  Can she figure out the “black magic practitioner” in time to save herself and her school from being zombie chow?

Reaction: If this had been a vampire novel I would probably not have finished it.  It was pretty cliched and predictable.  But it was about zombies and Zombie Settlers, which totally had me hooked.  I really liked the idea of corpses clawing their way out of their graves to talk to settlers who would help them complete their unfinished business and send them to their peaceful afterlife.  I also really liked the fairly well thought-out world of Zombie Settlers.  There were zombie police (Protocol), zombie FBI (Enforcers), Elders, levels, all kinds of stuff.  I do think it was a little implausible that no one would ever see the zombies walking from their graves to the settler’s house.  I also think that Ethan’s hotness was maybe a bit over the top, though I did find him generally swoon-worthy.  I wish that Ethan’s friendship with Monica (uber-mean popular girl) had been addressed, I mean how could he be friends with her?  And finally, my pet-peeve, I hate when the main character is the one with the special, never before documented, wonder power within her specialty, and Megan was supposedly this wonder-settler who had power well above her level.  Isn’t it enough that she is a settler?  Anyway, all that being said, I powered through this one in pretty much a day, so none of my negative-Nancyness affected my consumption of the book.

What’s Next: Undead Much, apparently January 2010, from Stacey Jay’s website.  I’m not sure how I feel about this being a series.  It really could be a stand-alone, it had enough closure for me.  We’ll see next year, I guess!