My Fair Godmother

My Fair Godmotherby Jeanette Rallison

After Savannah’s boyfriend dumps her for her older sister, Savannah is sent a fair godmother (not fairy because her godmother is not good enough to be a full-fledged fairy godmother, just a fair one) who says she will grant Savannah three wishes.  Savannah’s godmother, Chrissy, proceeds to mess up everything Savannah wishes for — how hard could it be to find Savannah a suitable date for prom?!  Savannah’s final wish turns out to be the Chrissy’s worst screw up.  Chrissy sends one of Savannah’s classmates, Tristan, back to the Middle Ages where he must stay until he either becomes a prince or dies.  Savannah feels horrible for her inadvertent meddling in Tristan’s life and decides to go back to the Middle Ages to try to save him.  Will Tristan and Savannah find their way back to their own time?  Will any of Savannah’s wishes actually come true?

Reaction: Not exactly what I was expecting, but cute.  First, my dislikes, of which there are a lot but they don’t add up to enough to make me dislike the the book:

  1. Hunter only liked Jane when she got a makeover and looked exactly like her sister, and who gave her the makeover, Savannah.  So basically, Hunter only became attracted to Jane when she looked like the girl he was already dating.  Eww.  Why couldn’t he have liked her before her makeover simply because they had more in common.  This would have made more sense and made me like Jane and Hunter more.  I really didn’t like either of them.  Kinda thought they were scummy and superficial.
  2. Just because Savannah is not into school and studying and likes hair and makeup does not make her a bad person.  Savannah has already found something she likes to do and she’s good at — being a beautician.  This is an admiral profession and not everyone can do it well (I’ve had my fair share of bad hairdos).  Why does everyone insist that she needs to pay more attention in school and get better grades?  It doesn’t seem like she’s failing, she’s just doing average which is ok!  Not everyone has to be super smart and want to go to an ivy league college.  And just because she wants to be a beautician and doesn’t particularly like the learning part of school does not mean she’s dumb.  Let her be who she is and stop trying to make her into Jane.  I mean, Jane already looks like Savannah, Savannah doesn’t need to be smart like Jane then they’d be the same person.
  3. Chrissy is mean and slightly evil and self-centered to the extreme! When I picked up the book, I thought that Chrissy was going to be a bad but well-meaning screwball.  NO, she’s horrible.  I’m not even going to go on.  She’s just bad.

So, I know it sounds like I didn’t like the book, but I did!  I really did!  I really liked Savannah, even if she did some ditsy things now and again, she was basically smart and caring.  I liked Tristan.  I thought he was a good counter part for Savannah.  And I thought he seemed pretty hot.  I liked watching them navigate the weird world of a fake, fairy tale Middle Ages.  Even though I pretty much hated Chrissy, I liked that she tried to teach Savannah that, in reality, fairy tales doesn’t exist.  It was fun watching Savannah clean and become disillusioned by the pompous prince as Cinderella and try to convince the dwarfs she wasn’t dumb as Snow White.  If you’re looking for something light, cute, and funny, I would definitely recommend this book.