Wuthering High

Wuthering Highby Cara Lockwood

Miranda makes a few bad choices — charging $1,000 in Wonder Bras on her stepmother’s credit card, totaling her father’s car, and over-sleeping her PSATs because she had been at a party the night before where someone had spiked her drink.  She doesn’t think these things warrant her punishment, reform school.  Bard Academy is located many miles away from home on a small island off the coast of Maine.  How is Miranda, who is basically good, ever going to fit at a reform school!  When she arrives, though, Miranda makes a few good friends — who seem pretty normal considering — and even meets a hotty who used to go to her old school.  Things are looking up, except for the weird nightmares Miranda has every night and her almost certainty that she is being haunted by a girl who died at the school many years ago and the odd fires that keep cropping up at different locations on campus and that weird guy Heathcliff who keeps calling her Cathy.  Ok, so things are pretty weird at Bard Academy and Miranda’s trying to get to the bottom of it all.

Reaction: I picked this book up because I was interested in the concept — a school run by the ghosts of literary greats: the Brontes, Hemingway, Virginia Wolff, and more.  Cool!  Unfortunately, the writing isn’t great and the general storyline is a bit cliched.  These points won’t stop this from being popular with teen girls looking for an interesting mystery with a touch of romance and the supernatural, but I don’t think I will be reading any further in the series.

What’s next: While I may not go on, currently there are two more in the series for others who may be interested — The Scarlet Letterman and Moby Clique.  Cute titles.